Vistra Regow Dietary Supplement Product

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Regow VISTRA 30 Capsule


Vistra Regow is a hair loss supplement product for people who need hair and scalp care or those who have problems with hair loss and brittle nails. It contains more than 10 nutrients and vitamins to care for the hair and scalp which are Flaxseed Extract, Horsetail Extract, L-Methionine, Manganese, Copper, Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, and Biotin imported from France.

Content: 30 Capsules



Vistra Regow is a hair loss supplement designed for comprehensive hair and scalp care.

Key Features:

The dietary supplement product for healthy hair care.

Benefits of Capsule:

  • This hair loss supplement is for the complete care of hair and scalp
  • Nourishes hair root to reduce hair loss, gray hair, and thin hair
  • Promotes new hair to be strong, healthy, and shiny
  • Reduces inflammation of the scalp or skin
  • Reduces brittle nails.

Key Ingredients in 1 Capsule:

  • Flaxseed Extract 150 mg
  • Horsetail Extract 100 mg
  • L-Methionine 100 mg
  • Manganese Amino Acid Chelate (10%) 17 mg
  • Copper Amino Acid Chelate (10%) 10 mg
  • D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 7.66 mg
  • Selenium Amino Acid Chelate (1%) 3.50 mg
  • Vitamin A Palmitate 2 mg
  • Folic Acid 0.2 mg
  • Biotin 0.15 mg

Directions to use:

Take 1 capsule after breakfast OR after dinner.



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